Table 4.24

The Treasurers and Other Chief Financial Officers, 2022

FIPS State or other
Name and party Method of selection Length of regular
term in years
Date of first
terms allowed
by constitution
01AlabamaYoung Boozer III (R)E41/2011 (n)1/20232
02AlaskaPamela LearyAGovernor's Discretion1/2014
04ArizonaKimberly Yee (R)E41/20191/20232
05ArkansasDennis Milligan (R)A41/20151/20232
06CaliforniaFiona Ma (D)E41/20191/20232
08ColoradoDave Young (D)E41/20191/20232
09ConnecticutShawn Wooden (D)E41/20191/2023
10DelawareColleen Davis (D)E41/20191/2023
12Florida (a)Jimmy Patronis (R) (b)E46/2017 (b)1/20232
13GeorgiaSteve McCoyAPleasure of the Board10/2011 (j)
15Hawaii (c)Craig HiraiAGovernor's Discretion12/2019
16IdahoJulie Ellsworth (R)E41/20191/2023
17IllinoisMike Frerichs (D)E41/20151/2023
18IndianaKelly Mitchell (R)E411/20141/2023(d)
19IowaMichael L. Fitzgerald (D)E41/19831/2023
20KansasLynn Rogers (R)E41/2021 (k)1/2023
21KentuckyAlison Ball (R)E41/20161/20242
22LouisianaJohn Schroder (R)(e)E411/2017 (e)12/2023
23MaineHenry BeckL21/20191/20234
24MarylandDereck DavisL412/2021 (o)1/2023
25MassachusettsDeb Goldberg (D)E41/20151/2023
26MichiganRachael EubanksAGovernor's Discretion2019
27Minnesota (f)James SchowalterAGovernor's Discretion1/2011 (l)
28MississippiDavid McRae (R)E41/20201/2024
29MissouriScott Fitzpatrick (R) (i)E41/1/2019 (i)1/20252
30Montana (m)Misty Ann GilesAGovernor's Discretion1/2021
31NebraskaJohn Murante (R)E41/20191/20232
32NevadaZach Conine (D)E41/20191/20232
33New HampshireMonica MezzapelleL21/20211/2023
34New JerseyElizabeth MuoioAGovernor's Discretion1/2018
35New MexicoTim Eichenberg (D)E41/20151/20232
36New YorkChristopher CurtisAGovernor's Discretion8/2016
37North CarolinaDale Folwell (R)E41/20171/2025
38North DakotaThomas Beadle (R)E41/20211/2025
39OhioRobert Sprague (R)E41/20191/20232
40OklahomaRandy McDaniel (R)E41/20191/2023
41OregonTobias Read (D)E41/20171/20252
42PennsylvaniaStacy Garrity (R)E41/20211/20252
44Rhode IslandSeth Magaziner (D)E41/20151/20232
45South CarolinaCurtis Loftis (R)E41/20111/2023
46South DakotaJosh Haeder (R)E41/20191/20232
47TennesseeDavid H. Lillard Jr.L21/20091/2023
48Texas (g)Glenn Hegar (R)E41/20151/2023
49UtahMarlo Oaks (R) (h)E46/2021 (h)12/2024
50VermontElizabeth Pearce (D)E21/20111/2023
51VirginiaDavid RichardsonAGovernor's Discretion6/2022✕.
53WashingtonMike Pellicciotti (D)E41/20211/2025
54West VirginiaRiley Moore (R)E41/20211/2025
55WisconsinSarah Godlewski (D)E41/20191/2023
56WyomingCurt Meier (R)E41/20191/2023
60American SamoaMalemo TausagaA41/2021
11Dist. of ColumbiaCarmen PiglerAPleasure of CFO4/2020
66GuamRosita FejeranCSN/A
69CNMI*Mark RabaulimanA4N/AN/A
72Puerto RicoFrancisco ParesA47/2019N/A
78U.S. Virgin IslandsBosede BruceA44/2021N/A


The Council of State Governments, 2022.


* Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
✓ — No provision specifying number of terms allowed.
✕ — No formal provision, position is appointed or elected by governmental entity (not chosen by the electorate).
A — Appointed by the governor. (In the District of Columbia, the Treasurer is appointed by the Chief Financial Officer. In Georgia, position is appointed by the State Depository Board.)
E — Elected by the voters.
L — Elected by the legislature.
CS — Civil Service
N/A — Not available


(a) The official title of the office of state treasurer is Chief Financial Officer.
(b) Gov. Rick Scott appointed Patronis after Jeff Atwater's resignation.
(c) The director of finance performs this function.
(d) Eligible for eight out of any period of twelve years.
(e) John Schroder won the special election in 2017 to fill John Kennedy's term after he was elected to the U.S. Senate. He was elected to a full four-year term in 2019.
(f) The Commissioner of Management and Budget performs this function.
(g) The Comptroller of Public Accounts performs this function.
(h) Oaks was appointed by Gov. Cox in June 2021 after David Damschen resigned to become president and CEO of the Utah Housing Corporation.
(i) Fitzpatrick was appointed in January 2019 after Treasurer Schmitt was appointed as attorney general.
(j) McCoy served as state treasurer from 2011-2019 and was reappointed as treasurer in October 2020. He also served as director of the Office of Treasury & Fiscal Services (now known as the Office of the State Treasurer) from 1993-1997.
(k) Rogers was appointed by Gov. Laura Kelly to fill a vacancy after Treasurer Jake LaTurner was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2020.
(l) Schowalter first served as commissioner from 2011-2014 and was reappointed to the position by Gov. Walz in September 2020.
(m) The director of the Department of Administration performs this function.
(n) Young Boozer first served as tresurer from 2011-2019 and was appointed to serve again in October 2021 upon the resignation of John McMillan. He is running for the position in the November 2022 general election.
(o) Dereck Davis was appointed in December 2021 upon the resignation of Nancy Kopp.