Table 4.3

The Governors: Compensation, Staff, Travel and Residence

  Access to state transportation  
FIPS State or other
Salary *** Governor's office
staff (a)
Automobile Airplane Helicopter Receives travel
Reimbursement for
travel expenses
04Arizona95,00031 (f)✓(b)
09Connecticut*150,000 (c)27(e)
12Florida*134,181276 (f)✓(j)(b)(b)
13Georgia175,00056 (f)
22Louisiana*130,00093 (f)
24Maryland180,00085 (f)(b)
25Massachusetts*185,000 (e)approx. 60✓(b)✓(b)✕ (e)
30Montana118,39758 (f)
32Nevada*163,474 (c)19 (f)✓(b)✓(b)
33New Hampshire144,48319✓(b)(e)
34New Jersey175,000133✓(b)
35New Mexico110,00028
36New York*250,000180
37North Carolina*165,75059
38North Dakota*140,83018
41Oregon98,60063 (f)✓(b)✓(b)
44Rhode Island*145,75539✓(b)
45South Carolina106,07823
46South Dakota*121,57820.5
54West Virginia150,00041(b)
60American Samoa*90,00023(b)
69CNMI* **70,00016(b)
72Puerto Rico*70,00028(g)(g)
78U.S. Virgin Islands*150,00084


The Council of State Governments' survey of governors' offices, 2022.


* — Information from The Council of State Governments’ survey of governors’ offices and review of state websites, 2021.
** — Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.
*** — All salary information current as of January 1, 2022, with the exception of the territories. Territorial information as of 2021.
✓ — Yes
✕ — No


(a) Definitions of “governor’s office staff” vary across the states–from general office support to staffing for various operations within the executive office.
(b) Travel expenses: Alabama - According to state policy. Alaska - $60/day per diem plus actual lodging expenses. American Samoa - $105,000.Amount includes travel allowance for entire staff. Arizona – Receives up to $45/day for meals based on location; receives per diem for lodging out of state; default $41/day for meals and $93/day lodging in state. Florida - The Executive Office of the Governor allocates an annual budget for the governor's travel expenses. The Governor is not reimbursed for personally incurred travel expenses. The Executive Office of the Governor pays the governor's travel expenses directly (hotel accommodations, meals, etc.) out of funds allocated for travel. Guam - The amount varies based on destination but averages $218/per day. Indiana – No statute provides for a separate travel allowance. Instead, travel allowance comes from the general appropriations made for the governor's office expenses. Travel expenses are approved in advance and are paid for; reimbursement is never necessary. Kentucky - Mileage at same rate as other state officials. Maryland - Travel allowance included in office budget. Massachusetts – As necessary. Michigan - The Governor is provided a $54,000 annual expense allowance, as determined by the State Officers Compensation Commission in 2010. "Expense allowance" is for normal, reimbursable personal expenses such as food, lodging, and travel costs incurred by an individual in carrying out the responsibilities of state office. Missouri - Amount includes travel allowance for entire staff. Amount not available. Nevada - Travel allowance inlcuded in office budget. Reimbursed for travel expenses per GSA/Conus rate. New Hampshire - Reimbursed for costs at the same rate and in the manner as state employees. New Jersey - Reimbursement may be provided for necessary expenses. Northern Mariana Islands - Travel allowance included in office budget. Governor has a "contingency account" that can be used for travel expenses and expenses in other departments or other projects. Ohio - Set administratively. Oklahoma – Reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses. Oregon - $1,000 a month for expenses, not specific to travel. Reimbursed for actual travel expenses. Pennsylvania – Reimbursed for reasonable expenses. Rhode Island - The majority of travel expenses are not reimbursed since the state has centralized direct pay agreements with the various airlines / hotels for approved travel for state employees. If necessary, the governor is subject to the same per diem allowance for personal meals as other state employees, which is a maximum of $35 per day. Tennessee - Travel allowance included in office budget. Washington - Travel allowance included in office budget. West Virginia - Included in general expense account. Wyoming – Actual lodging and transportation/federal M&IE.
(c) Governor's salary: Connecticut - Governor Ned Lamont will forego his salary of $150,000. Nevada - Gov. Sisolak pledged to donate his salary to K-12 schools. Salary amount, per NRS 223.050: "On the first Monday in January 2011 and on the first Monday of every fourth year thereafter, the salary of the Governor must be increased by an amount equal to the cumulative percentage increase in the salaries of the classified employees of this State during the immediately preceding term of the Governor."
(d) Information not provided.
(e) Governor's residence: Many governors are choosing to live in their own residences even when an official residence is provided. Connecticut - Provided by the Department of Administrative Services. Idaho - A housing stipend of $54,608 annually is provided. Massachusetts – Does not have an official governor's residence but allows a $65,000 housing alowance which is rolled into the governor's total salary of $185,000. New Hampshire - The current governor does not occupy the official residence.
(f) Governor's staff: Alaska - There are 131 members of the 131 of the governor's office staff. There are broken down into the following areas: Governor's House - 1 position, Administrative Services - 21 positions, Office of Management & Budget - 27 positions, Human Rights Commission - 12 positions, and Elections Fulltime Staff - 2 positions. Arizona - There are 33 members of the governor's executive staff, not including administrative staff. Florida - There are 276 full-time employees. Those are broken into the following areas: Executive Direction and Support Services - 124 positions; Systems Development and Design - 48 positions; Office of Policy and Budget - 104 positions. Georgia - Full-time employees - 56 and 2 part-time employees. Louisiana - Full-time employees- 93, part-time (non-student)- 21, students -25. Maryland - Full-time employees - 85 and 1 part-time employee. Montana - Including 16 employees in the Office of Budget and Program Planning. Nevada - Currently 19. Maximum permitted is 23. Oregon - Of this total, 58 are true governor's staff and five are on loan for agency staff. Vermont - Voluntary 5 percent salary reduction.
(g) The Governor's office pays for access to an airplane or helicopter with a corporate credit card and requests a refund of those expenses with the corresponding documentation to the Dept. of Treasury.
(h) Provided for security reasons as determined by the state police.
(i) When not in use by other state agencies.
(j) Governor does not utilize a state-owned airplane, but instead uses his personal aircraft.
(k) Only for official business.
(l) Depending on availability, plane belongs to the Department of Public Safety.