Table 7.16

State Budget Directors

  Starting salary determination  
FIPS State or other
State budget director official position title The state budget
director is appointed
is subject
D P O FY 2020 salary range or
salary for budget director
Member of
01AlabamaState Budget OfficerCNA

$105,266 - $160,342
02Alaska (a)Director, Office of Management and BudgetGNA

04ArizonaState Budget Director/Director, Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and BudgetingGG

05ArkansasState Budget AdministratorCNA

$120,543 - $157,100
06CaliforniaDirector of FinanceGS

$189,071 - $217,292
08ColoradoDirector, Governor's Office of State Planning and BudgetingGNA

09Connecticut (b)Secretary, Office of Policy and ManagementGO

$198,000No cabinet
10Delaware (c)Director of the Office of Management and BudgetGS

12FloridaDirector of Planning and BudgetingGNA

$130,000 - $156,000
13GeorgiaDirector, Governor's Office of Planning and BudgetGNA

$155,000 - $225,000No cabinet
15Hawaii (d)Director of FinanceGS

16IdahoAdministrator, Division of Financial Management, Office of the GovernorGS

17IllinoisBudget DirectorGNA

$150,000 - $175,000
18IndianaBudget DirectorGNA

19IowaDirector, Iowa Department of ManagementGS

$100,840 - $154,300
20KansasDirector of the BudgetGNA

21KentuckyState Budget DirectorGNA

22Louisiana (e)State Director of Planning and BudgetONA

$95,451 - $187,845
23MaineState Budget OfficerCG

$77,000 - $123,000
24Maryland (f)Executive Director, Office of Budget AnalysisCNA

$113,866 - $152,121
25MassachusettsBudget DirectorCNA

26Michigan (g)State Budget DirectorGNA

27MinnesotaAssistant Commissioner - State Budget DirectorCG

$105,402 - $150,900
28MississippiDirector, Office of Budget & Fund ManagementCNA

$80,034 - $140,059
29Missouri (h)Director of Budget and PlanningCG

30MontanaBudget DirectorGNA

31NebraskaState Budget AdministratorCG

32Nevada (i)Chief of the Budget Division and Director, Department of AdministrationGNA

$143,779 (maximum)
33New Hampshire (j)Budget Officer, Assistant CommissionerCG, O

$94,186 - $131,357
34New JerseyDirector, Office of Management and BudgetGS

35New MexicoDeputy Secretary / State Budget Division DirectorCG

$65,752 - $162,770
36New YorkDirector, Division of the BudgetGNA

37North CarolinaState Budget DirectorGNA

38North DakotaDirector, Office of Management and BudgetGNA

39Ohio (k)Director of Budget and ManagementGS

40OklahomaDirector - Office of Management and Enterprise ServicesGS

. . .
41OregonChief Financial Officer, Department of Administrative ServicesCG

$118,188 - $174,228No cabinet
42PennsylvaniaSecretary of the BudgetGNA

44Rhode Island (l)Executive Director/State Budget OfficerCG

$151,781 - $167,153
45South CarolinaDirector, Executive Budget OfficeCO

46South DakotaCommissionerGNA

47TennesseeCommissioner of Finance and AdministrationGNA

$127,000 - $229,000
48Texas (m)Director of Budget and Policy, Office of the GovernorGG

0No cabinet
49UtahExecutive Director of Governor's Office of Planning and BudgetGG

$72,500 - $171,700
50Vermont (n)Commissioner of Finance and ManagementGS

51Virginia (o)Director Department of Planning & BudgetGO

$169,179 - $241,463
53WashingtonDirector of the Office of Financial ManagementGS

$218,000 (maximum)
54West Virginia (p)Secretary of the Department of RevenueGS

55Wisconsin (q)Administrator, Division of Executive Budget and FinanceCG

$87,000 - $144,000
56Wyoming (r)Budget and Economic AdministratorOG

$108,060 - $167,100


11Dist. of Columbia (s)Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Budget and PlanningONA

$202,664 - $229,264


Source: National Association of State Budget Officers, Budget Processes in the States, 2021.


✓ — Yes.
✕ — No.
C — Cabinet secretary/department head.
G — Governor.
S — Senate.
D — At full discretion of the governor/cabinet secretary or department head.
P — Based on experience, within predefined salary range.
O — Other.
NA — Not subject to approval.



The salary figure for the Director of the Office of Management and Budget represents the amount as budgeted during the beginning of Fiscal Year 2020 management plan process.


The secretary’s appointment is made by the governor with the advice and consent of either house of the General Assembly.


Salaries for cabinet and other state officials are determined in the annual budget act. Figure shown is the current salary as contained in the FY 2020 operating budget.


Executive salary commission determines starting salary.


The state budget director is not an appointed position, but a classified civil service position hired by the commissioner of administration (or his/her deputy or assistant commissioner).


The state budget director reports to the secretary of budget and management who is appointed by the governor, subject to approval of the state senate. The secretary is a member of the governor’s cabinet. The salary range for the secretary’s position is $141,909-$189,799.


Under state law, the State Budget Director may concurrently serve as the director of the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget. Presently, the Governor has made separate appointments to these positions.


The Director is appointed by the department head with Governor approval. Starting salary based on experience.


The pay bill, passed each session, sets the maximum salary. The governor may elect to pay less.


The budget officer is nominated by the commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services to be confirmed by the governor and Executive Council for a term of four years. The budget officer additionally serves in the capacity of assistant commissioner for the Department of Administrative Services.


Each governor determines the classification of the director position from a series set forth by the Department of Administrative Services. Each classification has a pre-determined pay range from which the governor may select the director’s salary.


Although appointed by the director of administration with the approval of the governor, the state budget officer is a civil service position.


The state budget director position is not an appointed position, but serves at the pleasure of the governor.


The commissioner is a member of the extended cabinet. The commissioner oversees a budget staff including a deputy commissioner; a civil service budget director; and civil service budget analysts. See Statute. 32 VSA Sec. 1003 (as amended) for how starting salary is determined.


Confirmed by a joint resolution of both houses of the general assembly.


Starting salary set by statute.


The pay range includes an increase that went into effect on January 5, 2020.


Salary range provided for budget deputy director. Budget director appointed by: department head, governor.


Budget director is appointed by chief financial officer.