Table 6.9a

State Ballot Questions in 2021

  Vote totals  
FIPS State or other
Title Type Date Result Yes votes No votes Subject Short description
01Alabama (a)
02Alaska (a)
04Arizona (a)
05Arkansas (a)
06California (a)
08ColoradoAmendment 78CICA/SSNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.57State and local government budgets, spending and financeWould have transferred the power to appropriate custodial funds (state revenue not generated through taxes) from the state treasurer to the state legislature.
08ColoradoProposition 119CISSNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.54Taxes, Education, and MarijuanaWould have created an out-of-school education program and a board to govern it and increased the marijuana retail sales tax by 5% to partially fund the program.
08ColoradoProposition 120CISSNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.57TaxesWould have reduced the residential and non-residential property tax rates, and authorized the state to retain and spend $25 million in revenue above the state's TABOR spending cap, which it would otherwise be required to refund to taxpayers.
09Connecticut (a)
10Delaware (a)
12Florida (a)
13Georgia (a)
15Hawaii (a)
16Idaho (a)
17Illinois (a)
18Indiana (a)
19Iowa (a)
21Kentucky (a)
22LouisianaAmendment 1LRCANov. 13, 2021Failed


0.52TaxesWould have amended the Louisiana Constitution to create the State and Local Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Commission.
22LouisianaAmendment 2LRCANov. 13, 2021Passed


0.46TaxesAmends the Louisiana Constitution to decrease the maximum rate of individual income tax from 6% to 4.75%.
22LouisianaAmendment 3LRCANov. 13, 2021Failed


0.58TaxesWould have allowed Louisiana levee districts created after 2006 to levy an annual property tax of up to five mills ($5 per $1,000 of assessed value) without voter approval if those districts approved the 2021 constitutional amendment (continues voter approval requirement for property taxes levied in districts that do not approve the amendment).
22LouisianaAmendment 4LRCANov. 13, 2021Failed


0.72State BudgetWould have increased the amount of funds (from 5% to 10%) that can be redirected to a purpose other than what was originally provided for by law or as stated in the constitution during a projected budget deficit.
23MaineQuestion 1IndISSNov. 2, 2021Passed


0.41EnergyProhibits the construction of electric transmission lines in the Upper Kennebec Region and requires a two-thirds vote of each state legislative chamber to approve electric transmission line projects defined as high-impact.
23MaineQuestion 2BINov. 2, 2021Passed


0.28BondsIssues $100 million in bonds for transportation infrastructure.
23MaineQuestion 3LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.39Constitutional RightsCreates a state constitutional right to a produce, harvest, and consume food.
24Maryland (a)
25Massachusetts (a)
26Michigan (a)
27Minnesota (a)
28Mississippi (a)
29Missouri (a)
30Montana (a)
31Nebraska (a)
32Nevada (a)
33New Hampshire (a)
34New JerseyPublic Question 1LRCANov. 2, 2021Failed


0.57GamblingWould have allowed wagering on postseason college sport competitions held in N.J. and competitions in which a N.J.-based college team participates.
34New JerseyPublic Question 2LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.36GamblingAllows organizations to use raffle money to raise money for their own organization.
35New Mexico (a)
36New YorkProposal 1LRCANov. 2, 2021Failed


0.54RedistrictingWould have made changes to the redistricting process in New York.
36New YorkProposal 2LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.3EnvironmentCreates a state constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment.
36New YorkProposal 3LRCANov. 2, 2021Failed


0.56ElectionsWould have authorized the legislature to pass a law for same-day voter registration.
36New YorkProposal 4LRCANov. 2, 2021Failed


0.55ElectionsWould have authorized the legislature to pass a law for no-excuse absentee voting.
36New YorkProposal 5LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.36JudiciaryIncreases the NYC Civil Court's jurisdiction from civil cases involving $25,000 to $50,000.
37North Carolina (a)
38North Dakota (a)
39Ohio (a)
40Oklahoma (a)
41Oregon (a)
42PennsylvaniaQuestion 1LRCAMay 18, 2021Passed


0.48LegislatureEmpowers the legislature to extend or terminate a emergency declaration by resolution.
42PennsylvaniaQuestion 2LRCAMay 18, 2021Passed


0.48ExecutiveAddresses the governor's emergency powers, including requiring legislative approval to continue beyond 21 days.
42PennsylvaniaQuestion 3LRCAMay 18, 2021Passed


0.28ConstitutionalProhibits denial or abridgement of rights on account of an individual's race or ethnicity.
42PennsylvaniaQuestion 4LRSSMay 18, 2021Passed


0.27BudgetsExpands the state's loan program to volunteer fire companies to municipal fire companies and EMS service nonprofits.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 1BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.41Bond IssuesIssues $107.3 million in bonds for the University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center, the Rhode Island College Clarke Science Building, and the Community College of Rhode Island.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 2BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.22Bond IssuesIssues $74 million in bonds for state beaches, parks, recreational facilities, and water projects.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 3BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.34Bond IssuesIssues $65 million in bonds for building and renovating housing projects.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 4BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.19Bond IssuesIssues $71.7 million in bonds for transportation infrastructure
44Rhode IslandQuestion 5BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.33Bond IssuesIssues $15 million in bonds for the Early Childhood Care and Education Capital Fund.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 6BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.39Bond IssuesIssues $7 million in bonds for the Cultural Arts and the Economy Grant Program and the State Preservation Grants Program.
44Rhode IslandQuestion 7BIMar. 2, 2021Passed


0.41Bond IssuesIssues $60 million in bonds to fund improvements to industrial facilities infrastructure.
45South Carolina (a)
46South Dakota (a)
47Tennessee (a)
48TexasProposition 1LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.16GamblingAuthorizes professional sports team charitable organizations to conduct raffles at rodeo venues.
48TexasProposition 2LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.37Bond IssuesAuthorizes a county to issue bonds to fund infrastructure and transportation projects in undeveloped and blighted areas.
48TexasProposition 3LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.38ReligionAmends the Texas Constitution to prohibit the state or any political subdivision from enacting a law, rule, order, or proclamation that limits religious services or organizations.
48TexasProposition 4LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.41State JudiciaryChanges the eligibility requirements for the following judicial offices: a justice of the supreme court, a judge of the court of criminal appeals, a justice of a court of appeals, and a district judge.
48TexasProposition 5LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.41State JudiciaryAuthorizes the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct to accept and investigate complaints and reports against candidates running for state judicial office.
48TexasProposition 6LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.12Healthcare and Constitutional RightsAmends the Texas Constitution to state that residents of nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, or state-supported living centers have a right to designate an essential caregiver that may not be prohibited from visiting the resident.
48TexasProposition 7LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.13TaxesAmends the Texas Constitution to allow the legislature to extend a homestead tax limit for surviving spouses of disabled individuals as long as the spouse is 55 years old and resides at the home.
48TexasProposition 8LRCANov. 2, 2021Passed


0.12Taxes and VeteransAmends the Texas Constitution to allow the legislature to apply a homestead tax exemption for surviving spouses of members of the military to those fatally injured in the line of duty.
49Utah (a)
50Vermont (a)
51Virginia (a)
53WashingtonAdvisory Vote 36AQNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.54TaxesWould have advised the legislature to either maintain or repeal a tax on phone lines to fund behavioral health and suicide prevention services passed in House Bill 1477.
53WashingtonAdvisory Vote 37AQNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.61TaxesWould have advised the legislature to either maintain or repeal a capital gains tax increase to fund education and child services passed in Senate Bill 5096.
53WashingtonAdvisory Vote 38AQNov. 2, 2021Failed


0.57TaxesWould have advised the legislature to either maintain or repeal a tax on captive insurers passed in Senate Bill 5315.
54West Virginia (a)
55Wisconsin (a)
56Wyoming (a)
60American Samoa (a)
66Guam (a)
69CNMI* (a)
72Puerto Rico (a)
78U.S. Virgin Islands (a)


The Initiative & Referendum Institute website and Ballotpedia websites, August 2022.


ABR Automatic Ballot Referral.
AQ Advisory Question.
BI Bond Initiative.
CI Citizen Initiative/Referendum.
CICA Citizen Initiated Constitutional Amendment.
CISS Citizen Initiative State Statute.
CR Commission referred.
ConCon Constitution Convention.
IndISS Indirect Initiated State Statute.
ITL Initiatives to the Legislature.
LR Legislatively Referred.
LRCA Legislatively Referred Constitutional Amendment.
LRSS Legislatively Referred State Statute.
VR Veto Referendum.



No ballot measures in 2021.