Table 3.7

House Leadership Positions: Methods of Selection

FIPS State or other
Speaker Speaker pro tem Majority leader Assistant majority leader Majority floor leader Assistant majority floor leader Majority whip Majority caucus chair Minority leader Assistant minority leader Minority floor leader Assistant minority floor leader Minority whip Minority caucus chair
09ConnecticutEHAS (b)EC(b)AS (b)AS (b)ECAL (b)AL (b)AL (b)
12Florida*EHEHASAS (ee)AS (ee)ECEC (ee)ALAL (ee)AL (ee)
17IllinoisEHASAS (e)AS (e)EC(e)ALAL (e)
24Maryland (cc)*EHEH (i)AS (j)AS (j)(j)ASAS(k)EC (l)ECEC (l)EC (l)EH(k)
33New Hampshire (dd)EHAS (d)ASAS (kk)AS (ll)AS (mm)AL (nn)AL (oo)_AL (pp)
36New York (p)*EHASASAS(p)ASAS (q)EHALALAL (q)
37North Carolina (jj)EHEHECEC (a)ECECECEC (a)ECEC
39Ohio (r)EH (k)EHEHEHEHEH (k)EHEH
45South Carolina*EHEHECEC
48TexasEHASEC (ii)EC (ii)
50VermontEH (pp)EH (qq)EC (rr)EC (rr)(t)(t)(t)(t)EC (rr)EC (rr)(t)(t)(t)(t)
51Virginia (u)EHEC (v)EC (v)ECECEC (w)EC (w)ALEC
55WisconsinEH (x)EH (x)ECECECECECEC
11Dist. of Columbia*(o)
60American Samoa*EHEH (d)
69CNMI* **EH (y)(y)EH (z)EC
72Puerto Rico*EH (k)EH (d)ECEC (aa)EC (k)EC(k)
78U.S. Virgin Islands*(o)(o)


The Council of State Governments' survey of state legislative service agencies, 2022.


In some states, the leadership positions in the House are not empowered by the law or by the rules of the chamber, but rather by the party members themselves.


* Information from The Council of State Governments’ 2020 survey of state legislative services agencies and 2021 review of state websites.
** Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.
EH — Elected or confirmed by all members of the House.
EC — Elected by party caucus.
AS — Appointed by speaker.
AL — Appointed by party leader.
MA — Elected by majority party.
MI — Elected by minority party.
✕ — Position does not exist or is not selected on a regular basis.


(a) Additional positions include deputy majority caucus chair (EC) and deputy majority whip (EC).
(b) Speaker pro tem - 1 Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore, 8 Deputy Speakers and 4 Assistant Deputy Speakers. Assistant majority leader - Majority leader appoints 8 Deputy Majority Leaders; Speaker appoints 17 Assistant Minority Leaders (in consultation with Majority Leader). Majority Whip - 1 Chief Majority Whip, 2 Majority Whip At-Large, 2 Deputy Majority Whips At-Large and 5 Assistant Majority Whips (in consultation with Majority Leader). Majority caucus chair - selected in consultation with Majority Leader. Assistant Minority Leader -1 Deputy Minority Leader, 4 Deputy Minority Leaders At-Large and 10 Assistant Minority Leaders. Minority Whip - 1 Chief Minority Whip, 3 Senior Minority Whips and 6 Minority Whips. Minority Caucus Chair - 1 Minority Caucus Chair and 2 Minority Policy Chairs.
(c) Other positions in Hawaii include minority policy leader (EC).
(d) In Hawaii, American Samoa and Puerto Rico, title is vice speaker. In New Hampshire, there is also a position of deputy speaker.
(e) The two deputy majority leaders appointed by the speaker are among eight assistant majority leaders; and the two deputy Republican (minority) leaders.
(f) Additional positions include minority agenda chair (EC) and minority policy chair (EC).
(g) In each chamber, the membership elects chief clerk; assistant chief clerk; enrolling clerk; sergeant-at-arms; doorkeeper; janitor; cloakroom keeper; and pages.
(h) Speaker pro tem each occurrence.
(i) There is also a deputy speaker pro tem.
(j) Majority leader also serves as majority floor leader. Official title of assistant majority leader is deputy majority leader. There are also an assistant majority floor leader, majority whip, chief deputy majority whips, and deputy majority whips.
(k) Speaker and minority leader are also caucus chairs.
(l) Minority leader also serves as the minority floor leader. There are also a minority whip, assistant minority leader, a chief deputy minority whip, an assistant minority whip, and several deputy minority whips.
(m) Majority leader also serves as majority floor leader; minority leader also serves as minority floor leader.
(n) Other positions include: two associate speakers pro tempore (EH); majority caucus chair (EC); assistant majority whip (EC); assistant associate minority floor leader (EC); minority assistant caucus chair (EC); assistant minority whip (EC).
(o) Unicameral legislature; see entries in Table 3.6, “Senate Leadership Positions — Methods of Selection.”
(p) Majority floor leader duties assumed by majority leader. Additional majority positions appointed by the speaker: deputy speaker, assistant speaker, deputy majority leader, deputy majority whip, assistant majority whip Steering Committee chair, various deputies and assistants. Minority leader voting along conference lines, the member with the second highest number of votes; minority floor leader duties are assumed by minority leader pro tem. Additional minority positions appointed by the minority leader: deputy minority leader, assistant minority leader, deputy minority whip, assistant minority whip, various deputies and assistants.
(q) Official titles: the majority caucus chair is majority conference chair; minority caucus chair is minority conference chair.
(r) While the entire membership actually votes on the election of leaders, selections generally have been made by the members of each party prior to the date of this formal election. Additional positions include assistant majority whip, the 6th ranking majority leadership position (EH) and assistant minority whip, the 4th ranking minority leadership position (EH).
(s) Majority assistant whip, minority assistant whip and minority caucus manager elected by party caucus.
(t) Majority leader also serves as majority floor leader and majority caucus chair; assistant majority leader also serves as assistant majority floor leader and majority whip; minority leader serves as minority floor leader and minority caucus chair; assistant minority leader serves as assistant minority floor leader and minority whip.
(u) The majority caucus also has a secretary, who is appointed by the speaker; the minority caucus has 2 vice-chairs, 1 vice-chair/treasurer and an interim sergeant-at-arms.
(v) The title of majority leader is not used in Virginia; the title is majority floor leader.
(w) The title of minority leader is not used in Virginia; the title is minority floor leader.
(x) Caucus nominee elected by whole membership.
(y) Speaker also serves as majority leader.
(z) Official title is floor leader.
(aa) Official title is alternate floor leader.
(bb) The Speaker appoints 3 deputy floor leaders and 2 deputy majority leaders.
(cc) There is a parliamentarian for the majority appointed by the Speaker and a minority parliamentarian elected by the minority party caucus.
(dd) Added leadership positions are either AS or AL … Other AL Democratic Leadership positions include: Democratic Leader Pro Tempore (follows Deputy Democratic Leader). Other positions: Democratic Policy Leader, Democratic Floor Leader and Deputy Democratic Floor Leader, Senior Assistant Democratic Leaders (4 members appointed), Assistant Democratic Leaders (6 members appointed), and Assistant Democratic Floor Leaders (11 members appointed).
(ee) The position of assistant majority leader is known as deputy majority leader. In addition to a majority whip, deputy whips are also appointed by the speaker. The position of assistant minority leader is known as minority leader pro tem. In addition to a minority whip, deputy whips are appointed by the party leader. There is no minority caucus chair -- instead there is a policy chair.
(ff) Additional positions of minority and majority caucus secretaries (EC).
(gg) One Assistant Majority Whip Elected for the 2021 Session; Two Assistant Minority Whips (North and South) Elected for 2021 Session.
(hh) The most Senior member of the Majority Party.
(ii) Caucus chairs have no official role under House rules.
(jj) New Member Leader - EC-Elected by party caucus; New Member Whip - EC-Elected by party caucus.
(kk) Positions are Deputy Majority Leaders - two members appointed and Assistant Majority Leaders - six members appointed
(ll) Also, Assistant Majority Whip position exists - four members appointed.
(mm) Based on recommendation of Minority Party Caucus vote - position is Democratic Leader.
(nn) Position is Deputy Democratic Leader.
(oo) Position is Democratic Floor Leader.
(pp) Vt. Const. Ch. II, sec. 14.
(qq) Only if nec. via House Rule 16.
(rr) House Rule 24.